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  • Do you have a dog that needs some training?  Well, it's your lucky day!  If you are a 4-H member, you are eligible to participate in the county wide Dog Care Project.  In the Dog Care Project, members learn how to care for their dog through grooming, feeding, and loving.  Members will train their dogs in showmanship, obedience, and the fun and entertaining agility.  Members must own a dog to participate, but come out to the Valley Animal Haven to see what all the barking is about!

  • For more information or if you would like to join, please contact:  Heather Thomas 559-816-1924
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Here are some videos that display showmanship, which is like what we do in our dog project.  They are all on Youtube, but you can click on the links below.

This is the working group in the 132nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.  Please remember, these are professional handlers, but they are great examples of what we teach.

This second video is the obedience part of our project.  Notice that the handler does not have her dog on a leash, our dogs will be on leashes.  They do other things differently than we do, but it gets the basics.

This final video is a Shetland Sheepdog in the finals of an agility competition.  You will notice that the dog is off lead, we will be doing it on lead.  Also our course is shorter than that course, and some of the obstacles are different, but this just shows how much fun dog and handler can have in agility.

Hope you enjoy all the videos.  If you have any trouble watching these, please contact us.  Thanks!