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4-H Emerald Star Information


Emerald Star Program

PURPOSE:  The purpose of the Emerald Star Program is to provide leadership opportunities to 4-H members.  A secondary purpose is to prepare 4-H members for All Star responsibilities should they wish to become All Stars at a later date.

 ELIGIBILITY:  Members who have completed two years of 4-H and will be at least 13 years of age by December 31, of the current 4-H year are eligible to apply for the Emerald Star Program.

 PROJECT REQUIREMENTS:  Emerald Star projects must demonstrate the member's leadership ability, the ability to work with others, and the ability to plan and conduct a successful program of work.  The project must have an adult advisor and must provide service to the Kings County 4-H program.  See Emerald Star Guidelines for more information.  

 PROCEDURE:  (see 4-H calendar for current dates)

 September  Applicants submit a plan for their Emerald Star Project.
 September  Interviews (Enter & Exit) 
 November  Applicants submit a plan for their Emerald Star Project.           
Interviews (Enter & Exit)
 March  Applicants submit a plan for their Emerald Star Project.
 March  Interviews (Enter & Exit)           
Interviews (Exit only)  

Projects should be completed during the current club year.  Members wishing to apply for Ambassador and then All-Star must complete their project before applying in April. It is recommended that members complete their Emerald Star, then the following year complete their Ambassador, and then the following year apply for the County Level All-Star.  However, members may complete their Emerald Star and Ambassador during the same year if the member feels their schedule will allow.



Applying for Emerald Star

Emerald Star Guidelines-revised 2017

Emerald Star Applications

Below are the Entrance & Exit Applications for the Emerald Star Program.  To complete the applications:

  1. Click on the link and download.
  2. Save the application to your computer 
  3. Open and complete the application from your computer 
  4. Save the completed application
  5. Submit the application to the UCCE Office

Emerald Star-Entrance Application writeable

Emerald Star-Exit Application writeable

Tips for a Successful Interview



Emerald Star Projects

Completed & In The Process Emerald Star Projects

Ideas for Emerald Star Projects:  Organize a county-wide project workshop or field day or some other type of county-wide activity.  Plan and conduct training at local 4-H clubs on selected topics such as presentations, record books, officer training, citizenship, etc.  Organize and conduct a 4-H outreach program to tell more young people about 4-H.  Be creative!  Be sure to include others in your plan so you can demonstrate your ability to provide leadership to others. 

Attention 4-H members who intend to apply to become a Kings County All Star in the future:  Completing an Emerald Star project is a requirement for those applying for All Star.