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4-H Ambassador

2018-19 Ambassador Candidates

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Kings County 4-H Ambassador Candidates

Anna Dooley  -  Kings Harvest 4-H
Trista Fry  -  Oakvale 4-H
Rayven Maturino - Island 4-H

Previous All Star Teams

County 4-H Ambassador


The State has changed their 4-H All-Star program over to County and State Level 4-H Ambassadors.

What Is a County Ambassador?
A County Ambassador is the representative and champion of the 4-H program in the county. While no two County Ambassador programs are identical, they follow the same guidelines, provide similar opportunities and have the same learning goals.

All County Ambassadors are highly encouraged to attend and participate in the 4-H State Leadership Conference, 4-H area conferences, as well as serve on statewide committees or the Statewide Management Board and participate in other activities or events beyond the county level. These experiences help expand leadership skills and are beneficial for those wishing to go on to become a State Ambassador.

County Ambassador Handbook_Revised 2017-2018

Interested? - Look for the Ambassador interest meeting coming up in April/May.  Applications to join this team will be handed out at this meeting!

4-H Ambassador Eligibilty Requirements:

  • Member must have completed 1 year of 4-H (currently on their 2nd year of 4-H)
  • Member must be at least 14 years of age by December 31st of the serving 4-H program year.
  • Members must demonstrate leadership skill by having the following:
    • 6 hours within a project
    • 40 hours of leadership roles
    • 30 hours of community service
    • 10 hours of public speaking
    • Demonstrate involvement in 4-H, such as events attended, recognitions, or Record Book
    • OR members may hold a Gold Star Ranking
The Selection of Ambassador

Requirements that will need to be met to complete your Ambassador Role:

County Ambassadors act as visible 4-H members - role models for their fellow 4-H members, their county, their state and their world.

What Recognitions Distinguish County Ambassadors from Other 4-Hers?

County Ambassadors stand out among other 4-Hers because of special attire such as:
* County Ambassador Star Rank patch (hat) or the Star Rank pin (lanyard), earned upon appointment and worn during years of service.
* County-specific County Ambassador uniform (usually a special jacket, polo shirt and/or nametag).  The attire for each county varies and often can be decided upon each year by the County Ambassador team.


County Ambassador teams will develop an Ambassador Project that includes a Plan of Action for their term. This plan will help the team stay focused on common goal throughout the year. For teams that have two year terms, it is recommended that a new plan is developed for each year of service.

Example of the Ambassador Commitment Contract. Revised 2019/2020


Interview Evaluation Rubric - Ambassador

The Ambassador Application will be handed out at the interest meeting or contact the 4-H Office to receive your copy.

County Ambassador Handbook_Revised 2017-2018

Statement of Recommendation Template

Tips for a Successful Interview

Ambassador Spotlight Questions for Youth Talk