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Grangeville Club Activities

Arts and Crafts:
Learn to make creative items or projects. This includes but is not limited to, any of the following: knitting, crocheting, cake decorating, jewelry making, fly tying, macrame, decoupage, stained-glass, making, pottery, ceramics, flower arranging, and hobbies such as coin or stamp collecting.   Project Leader: Carol Weber

Beginning 4-H:
A project for new 4-H members which provides the opportunity to "sample" different projects. Project Leader: Martha Moore

Learn about beef cattle and their care and management. Members may raise animals for meat or for breeding. Ownership is preferred. Opportunities are available for non-owners. Project Leader: Michael Gingles & Doug Wisecarver

Learn about diary cattle, their care and management. Members may raise animals for milk, breeding, or sale as bred heifers. Ownership is preferred. Opportunities are available for non-owners. Project Leader: Jason Mello

Learn about your rights and responsibilities, the common core values of the American democratic system, and how you can be a leader and make a difference in your community. Focus on personal development, history and culture, government studies, and current issues. Project Leader: Stacey Daniel

Clothing and Textiles:
Members will not only learn the basics of clothing and other project construction, but also explore purchasing, selection, appearance, and care of clothing and textile. Project Leader: Janet Bradley

Domestic Exchange:
4-H members and volunteer leaders establish a two-way exchange with 4-Hers from another state or another county within California. The groups take turns hosting one another on consecutive summers. Project Leader:

Foods project focused on nutrition. Project Leader: Tracey Starich

Foods project focused on preservation of foods. Project Leader: Elaine Fiser

Indoor and Mini Gardens:
Learn to grow indoor plants and terrariums as well as patio plants and pot gardening of flowering or fruit-bearing plants. Project Leader: Marcia Lamb & Lisa Marchant

Marine Biology:
Learn about marine biology including plant and animal life in the ocean. Marine science focuses on biological aspects of the ocean while oceanography focuses on the geological and meteorology aspects. Project Leader: Melissa Mello, Tab James Mello, Lori Verdegaal

Learn to use photographic equipment and take and/or develop photographs. Project Leader: Michelle White

Members learn how to design and assemble a quilt using machine or hand methods. May include guidance in selecting fabrics and patterns. Project Leader: Mary Jane Loya

Learn how to make a scrapbook to commemorate events or people using photos, mementos, and basic scrapbooking tools. Project Leader: Stacey Daniel & Mattos

Learn about the care and management of sheep. Members may raise animals for pets, show, wool, breeding, or sale. Ownership is preferred. Project Leader: Daniel Lewis & Luanne Lewis

Shooting Sports- Rifle:
Learn to safely operate and maintain guns and equipment. This project may include target practice, hunting, or competitions. Subcategories include Hunting, Muzzle Loading, Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun. 4-H Shooting Sports projects may only be led by a 4-H-certified adult 4-H volunteer or staff. Project Leader: Paul Hollar, Arend La Blue, Dennis Wilhelm

Learn about the care and management of swine. Members may raise animals for pets, show, sale, or breeding. Ownership is preferred. Project Leader: Alice Beck & Steven Beck

Welcome to Grangeville 4-H!

If you have any questions about Grangeville 4-H please call Phillip and Cybil Mello at (559)816-3887.