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Lemoore Club Information

Lemoore 4-H Projects

Arts & Crafts
Learn to make creative items or projects. This includes but is not limited to, any of the following: knitting, crocheting, cake decorating, jewelry making, fly tying, macrame, decoupage, stained-glass, making, pottery, ceramics, flower arranging, and hobbies such as coin or stamp collecting.

Project Leader: Shanna Robbins

Beginning 4-H
A project for new 4-H members which provides the opportunity to "sample" different projects.

Project Leader: Donna Murphy-Eller

Birds- Poultry
Avian Science project focused on poultry.

Project Leader: Jean Currie

Cattle- Beef
Learn about beef cattle and their care and management. Members may raise animals for meat or for breeding. Ownership is preferred. Opportunities are available for non-owners.

Project Leader: Jaime Eller

Learn about your rights and responsibilities, the common core values of the American democratic system, and how you can be a leader and make a difference in your community. Focus on personal development, history and culture, government studies, and current issues. More information on California 4-H citizenship projects is available at http://ca4h.org/Projects/Citizenship/.

Project Leader: Shanna Robbins

Clothing & Textiles
Members will not only learn the basics of clothing and other project construction, but also explore purchasing, selection, appearance, and care of clothing and textile.

Project Leader: Donna Murphy-Eller

Learn about dogs, their care, and their feeding. May include obedience training of animal. Subcategories include Agility, Care and Training, and Stock.

Project Leaders: Countywide Heather Thomas

Lemoore 4-H Projects

Fashion Revue
Introduces members to the idea and basics of modeling a piece of clothing or accessory in front on an audience. Items need not be made by member in some cases. May include the attendance of a Fashion Revue. http://www.ca4h.org/Programs/Events/SFR/

Project Leader: Donna Murphy-Eller

Foods- Nutrition
Foods project focused on nutrition.

Project Leaders: Shanna Robbins

Group- Determined
Any project which a group has determined it wishes to do.

Project Leader: 

Leadership Development
Learn about leadership for an individual, group and organization. Build your own leadership skills through public speaking, project management, communication, organization, and negotiation.

Project Leader: Shanna Robbins

Shooting Sports- Archery
Members will learn how to safely operate and maintain archery equipment, as well as learn how to shoot. This project may include bow-hunting or target practice, and often includes competitions. 4-H Archery projects may only be led by a 4-H-certified adult 4-H volunteer or staff. For more information please visit http://www.ca4h.org/Projects/SET/ShootingSports

Project Leaders: 

Shooting Sports- Rifle
Learn to safely operate and maintain guns and equipment. This project may include target practice, hunting, or competitions. Subcategories include Hunting, Muzzle Loading, Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun. 4-H Shooting Sports projects may only be led by a 4-H-certified adult 4-H volunteer or staff. For more information please visit http://www.ca4h.org/Projects/SET/ShootingSports

Project Leaders: Countywide Greg Chrissakis

Learn about the care and management of market sheep. Members may raise animals for market or show.

Project Leaders: Jaime Eller

Vegetable Gardens and Crops
Learn to grow vegetables and/or market crops. This includes organic gardening.

Project Leader: 

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