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California Focus

Important Dates:
     *   California Focus-  June 16-19, 2018  Sacramento, CA
     *   Total Cost:  To be announced
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     *   Click on this link for registration:  Not yet open


  • California Focus is a unique Citizenship educational experience that combines hands-on participation workshops, debates, and simulations with outstanding speakers and historical, cultural, and government sites. California's capital city, Sacramento, becomes a "living classroom" for this five day packed adventure.


  • Be an enrolled 4-H member
  • Between 14-19 years of age as of date of conference

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Kings County Financial Aid Scholarship:

To be considered to receive a scholarship from the Kings County 4-H Leaders Council, members must have completed at least two years in 4-H at the time of application, be enrolled in the 4-H Citizenship Project and submit their 4-H record book.  Complete this form if you would like to request a scholarship.  

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