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Judging Day

Monday November 11, 2019

        Check in - 9:00 am, Orientation - 9:30 am

  • Hanford Joint Union High School AG farm
    (Located behind Sierra Pacific High School
    at the T of Centennial Dr. and Greenfield - Hanford)


  • Judging Day gives 4-H members the opportunity to practice their livestock, home economics, and general judging skills.  Members may judge in all three divisions. This is great practice for fair and a good place to meet up with friends.   


  • Members will be asked to evaluate a class (a group of four items or animals) and rank in order from the best to the worst. For example, you may be asked to look at four hogs and place them in order based on how they look. Each animal or item has a number and you mark a card next to the way you think the numbers should be arranged. You will receive points for how close you come to matching the way an expert thinks the class should be placed.

  • There will also be and Identification Class where 10 items will be set up and you will be asked to identify them.
  • You will give oral reasons on one class. That means you will go up to a designated person and tell him or her why you placed the class the way you did. You will receive points for how convincing your reasons are.


  • No talking, gesturing or communicating with others during judging. (This includes parents.)
  • There will be designated group leaders to answer questions members have about the process. If you have a question, ask this person.
  • No discussion about classes before cards are turned in.  You will be dropped from the competition if you continue to talk after your first warning.
  • No touching of exhibits.