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Past Emerald Star Projects

Cases for Kids Flyer - Amanda Curtis - Corcoran 4-H

Breast Cancer Heart Pillows - Anna Felipe - Island 4-H

Toes & Tushies-Share a Pair!  Reilly Nava & Breana Glove

Finding Hope for Valley Children's Hospital  Paige Clarke

Make America Great Again with Milk  Hannah Costa, Elliot Martin & Kassidy Sheldon

Photography Workshop  LilyGutierrez & Jillian Willhite

Pleasing the Past with Millennial Style  Maddison French

Cozy Pads for Pets - Hadley Garcia

"Can you make a difference?" - Tyler Dunn & Raine Palomino

Cancer Care Packages - Kayla McCalvy

Hygiene Helper Kits - Tara Fry & Payton McConnaughy

  Judging day flyer - Kent Sheldon, Ashley Avila, Sydney Gallegos, Marshall Kling and Travis Smith

Temporary Home-SPCA - Katelyn McCord & Kennedy Baker

Keys for Kids-Mara Lewis & William Pepe

E-Waste Recycling Day - 4H Fair - Adam Daniel
4-H Bringing Food Forward - Hayden Costa, Michal Chrissakis, Darian Roeber & Trenton VanderVeen

“Hugs for Soldiers” Emerald Star Project

By: Ashley Olson

For my emerald star project this year, I did a project called “Hugs for Soldiers” where 4-H members, leaders, and volunteers made cooling scarves for the men and women overseas serving our country so they can stay cool when it is really hot outside. These cooling scarves are made out of 100% Cotton fabric and sewn inside is water absorbing crystals. When the scarf is submerged into cold water for 30 minutes, the crystals absorb the water for a cooling effect for up to 2 days. I started my project by asking for donations for the fabric and the crystals, which I received.  I then attended the 4-H Leaders Council and Oakvale 4-H Club and presented my project with a poster board about the project. I made kits containing the precut fabric, instructions, and water crystals for members, leaders, and volunteers to check out so they can make the scarves themselves. I held 2 workshops where a total of 22 members, volunteers, and leaders came to help make the scarves. A total of 41 scarves were made at these workshops. The scarves were collected from the kits that were checked out through the meetings and the cooperative extension office.  In January, I took 50 scarves to the Lemoore Naval Air Station Chaplain, who was to present them to a squadron leaving on deployment within the week and 86 scarves were mailed to the US Army Troop “Soldiers Angels” project in Van Nuys, California. I had a grand total of 136 scarves made, over double my original goal of 50 scarves.  Thank you to everyone who helped to make this project a success by making the scarves, donating materials, and time to all for the soldiers who protect our freedom!

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 Dairy Project Field Day

By:  Macey Pearson

 A Dairy Project Field Day was held at the Kings Fairgrounds.  The following presentations were given:

  • Feed & Nutrition by Jen Gisler
  • Showmanship by Lauren Evangelo
  • Show Bedding & Herdsmanship by Kevin Chambers
  • Washing & Show Box by Hannah VanDyk
  • Judging by Rodney Paulo
  • Veterinary Science by guest vet from Merced Co.
  • Clipping & Fitting for show day

Emerald Star Project– Recycled Whites

Jacob Willhite and Ashley Daniel have completed their “Recycled Whites” Project for their Emerald Star.  Their full stock of whites were available at various 4-H events during the year for those in need of new whites.  

Submitted by: Jacob & Ashley