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Field Treatment of Crown Gall on Walnut
Crown Gall - Agrobacterium tumefaciens as an agent of disease
Chinese Walnuts: A Threat to California
Biology and Management of Phytophthora Crown and Root Rot of Walnut
Phytophthora Sampling of Kings & Tulare Water Sources
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Guidelines for Replanting Walnuts
Testing Walnuts for Dryness
Evaluation and Modification of Soils
Salinity Management of Walnut
Irrigation Scheduling
Walnut Irrigation Quick Tips
UC Analysis of Diamond Walnut Growers Proposed Conversion
The Importance of Good Walnut Water Management
Effect of Surround on Walnut Quality
Walnut Rootstock Salinity Tolerance
Statewide Walnut Acreage by County in 2007

Walnut Marketing Board Reports 
Walnut Marketing Board Reports-2005
Walnut Marketing Board Reports-2006
Walnut Marketing Board Reports-2007
Walnut Marketing Board Reports-2008

 Pacific Nut Producer (PNP) and UC Clonal Articles
Understanding the New Walnut Rootstock Clones
Walnut Rootstock Clones: Early Planting Report and Grower Options
Cloned Walnut Planting Update
Terminology and Characteristics of New Walnut Plant Material

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Tri-County Walnut Day 2008 Presentations

Tri-County Walnut Day , 2010 Presentations