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CalFresh Healthy Living, UCCE Kings County


UC CalFresh Nutrition Education Program is now referred to as CalFresh Healthy Living, University of California. This new name reflects our expanded work in California communities that encompasses nutrition education aligned with policy, systems and environmental change initiatives.

Our Mission

The California SNAP-Ed Mission

To inspire and empower under-served Californians to improve their health by promoting awareness, education, and community change through diverse partnerships, resulting in healthy eating and active living.

CalFresh Healthy Living, University of California helps people lead healthier lives.

As one of four State Implementing Agencies for CalFresh Healthy Living*, the University of California teaches people eligible for SNAP about good nutrition, how to make their food dollars stretch further, and how to be physically active at any age.  Effective, evidenced-based nutrition education and physical activity classes are aligned with policy, systems and environmental change strategies to create long lasting community change.


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CalFresh Healthy Living Program Educator 1 or 2, Kings County, CA
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County Location: Kings County
Posted on August 25, 2021
Closing on September 25, 2021  

Nutrition Education Team


Susan Lafferty

Phone: 559-852-2738
Fax: (559) 582-5166

Eldon Bueno

Phone: 559-852-2734

For more information on the School Nutrition Education
program or any of the curriculum please contact:

Teresa Spicer

Teresa Spicer - Program Supervisor

Phone: (559) 684-3323
Fax: 559-685-3319

Eating a balance diet is important to staying healthy. CalFresh Healthy Living, UCCE helps children and adults choose a healthy lifestyle by encouraging good food habits and decision making skills. As part of the UC Cooperative Extension, we're helping build and maintain healthy families and communities.

Improving the health of Californians is important to the future of California. A poor diet can lead to serious health problems. Although California grows the freshest fruits, vegetables and nuts in the country, many people don't eat enough of these nutritious foods.

Conditions are always changing, and the ability to adapt to change is a key to success for people, families, and communities. For more on the UC Cooperative Extension's impact visit UC Delivers 

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    Bon Appetit!

    Would you be able to identify a pineapple slicer or 14 other cooking items? Well thirteen “ t'weens” had the opportunity to do just that during “Tweens in the Kitchen” sponsored by Hanford Parks and Recreation and CalFresh Healthy Living, University of California during the holiday break. The “t'weeens” actively engaged with food, practiced basic culinary techniques and completed and ate healthy recipes from...

Who We Are and What We Do!

Educate - Increase nutrition and physical activity knowledge, skills, and practice

-Effective, evidence-based nutrition education for youth, adults, seniors and families 
-Offering a comprehensive, preventative approach to health 
-Classes offered primarily in Spanish and English, with Chinese and Hmong classes offered in select locations

Partner – Encourage state and local partnerships in support of shared goals

-Strategically aligned partnerships help strengthen the food system for low-resource communities
-We partner with government and non-governmental agencies, local stakeholders, and community leaders to create further impact and generate sustainable results

 Build Capacity - Advance local priorities through training and technical assistance

-Curricula training for “extenders” (teachers, after school staff, community members)
-Leadership development for youth
-Fostering a network of local health advocates

 Transform – Act as a catalyst for a healthy lifestyle change

-Working with communities to seek healthy lifestyle solutions that are sustainable, transformative, inclusive and grassroots driven

Learn More: https://uccalfresh.ucdavis.edu/