Alfalfa/Grains Field Day to be held May 9, 2024

Apr 23, 2024

Alfalfa/Grains Field Day to be held May 9, 2024

Apr 23, 2024

The weather looks great for 9 May, 2024.....

Please Join us for a Grains/Alfalfa Field Day at UC Davis, coming up soon. Always a great field trip in the morning!!!

Join us for a BBQ lunch sponsored by California Crop Improvement and learn something new about grains and alfalfa.

Date & Time:  May 9th, 7:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Supported by the California Crop Improvement Association (CCIA)

REGISTER HERE (no charge for event)

LOCATION:  Department of Plant Sciences Field Facility, UC Davis

(2400 Hutchison Dr, Davis CA 38.5390, -121.7800)


Continuing Education Units (CEUs):

3.0 CCA (1.5 Crop Management; 1 Soil & Water Management; 0.5 Nutrient Management)

1.5 CDFA INMP (1 Irrigation Management; 0.5 Nitrogen Management)

Alfalfa Field Day


     7:30    Sign-in (refreshments available)

     7:55    Welcome and Introductions—Timothy Blank (CCIA)

     8:00    Overview of UC Davis small grains breeding programJorge Dubcovsky (UC Davis)

     8:05    Travel on wagons to stop 1

Small Grain Breeding

     8:20    Barley and Oat variety development and plot toursAlicia del Blanco (UC Davis)

     8:35    Travel to stop 2

     8:40    Wheat research overview Jorge Dubcovsky (UC Davis)

     8:50    Semi-dwarfing genes, Rht25 and APL2Junli Zhang and Chaozhong Zhang (UC Davis)

     8:55    Reduced allergenicity wheatMaria Rottersman and Jorge Dubcovsky (UC Davis)

     9:00    Biological Nitrification Inhibition (BNI) traits for improved N use efficiencyJosh Hegarty (UC Davis)

     9:10    UAV use for improved efficiency in selections Josh Hegarty (UC Davis)

     9:15    Travel to stop 3

     9:20    Wheat, triticale, and barley variety evaluations and plot tours Josh Hegarty (UC Davis)

Small Grain Agronomy

     9:50    Traits associated with yield stable small grain varietiesJosh Hegarty and Mark Lundy (UC Davis/UCCE)

     10:00  Deficit irrigation and water productivity in small grainsMaya Shydlowski-Besmer and Mark Lundy (UC Davis/UCCE)

     10:10  Agronomic considerations for winter cover cropping in annual systemsSarah Light and Kosana Suvo?arev (UCCE/UC Davis)

     10:20  Tillage and perenniality effects on crop productivity and soil healthKalyn Taylor and Mark Lundy (USDA/UC Davis/UCCE)

     10:30  Digestate and hydrolysate effects on forage and grain yield response to nitrogen fertilizer in small grainsValentina Roel Rezk and Cameron Pittelkow (UC Davis)

     10:40  Herbicide resistant common chickweed in SJV of CA: New findingsNicholas Clark (UCCE)

     10:50  Travel to stop 4

Alfalfa Agronomy and Breeding

     11:00  Strategies for deficit irrigation in alfalfa—Dan Putnam (UC Davis/UCCE)

     11:10  Irrigation Management & Soil Moisture Monitoring in Alfalfa—Chuck Janssen (UC Davis)

     11:20  UC alfalfa non-dormant breeding for the Central Valley, and Low Deserts—Charlie Brummer and Cree King (UC Davis)

     11:30  The effect of almond shell mulch application on established alfalfa fields—Sarah Light (UCCE)

     11:40  Trials on protein extraction from alfalfa—Dan Putnam and Chris DeBen (UC Davis/UCCE)

     11:50  Discussion

     12:00  Travel to lunch


    12:10 - 1:10                           CCIA Sponsored LUNCH


     12:30  Acknowledgements

               CCIA Directors Katy Soden and Timothy Blank

               California Wheat Commission




By Daniel H Putnam
Author - Cooperative Extension Specialist, Agronomist in the AES
By Mark E Lundy
Author - Associate CE Specialist