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READY Afterschool Program

Catch Roosevelt

Students and tutors are introduced to CATCH activities each time we visit. They love the games and are eager to see what new games we have with us!


The Ready program is always striving to improve their programs, they survey
parents each year to find out what the students like about the program. We received this e-mail from the site leader at Washington Elementary School:

Hi Ladies,

I wanted to let you know that the Washington READY parents filled out
surveys for us and several of them mentioned that they appreciated the
information that was coming home about nutrition. Some of the parents told me
that their kids are going home and educating the rest of their families about
healthy eating and the benefits of exercising and being active. They also said
that they liked the recipes their kids brought home, and loved that the kids
were excited to help out in the kitchen to make them. You ladies do a fantastic
job educating our kids in fun and engaging ways and are greatly appreciated!
Keep up the good work!!

READY Afterschool Learning to Cook




Eat Fit

We have delivered curriculum to your 5th and 6th grade tutors. This curriculum requires a pre-test and a post test. We are required at the end of the year to demonstrate that the curriculum was used and that there was a gain in knowledge of the students. We will be collecting the pre-test as soon as the tutors given the test. Please notify us when this has been completed. We will hold this data until the tutor has completed the curriculum and give the post test. We estimate that they might complete the lessons by March or April.

Eat Fit Curriculum has it's own website if you would like to more ideas on how to teach this curriculum-check it out!