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Smarter Lunchroom Movement

What is the Smarter Lunchroom Movement

A smarter lunchroom is one that nudges kids towards nutritious foods. Over 30 million children are fed by the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). We believe that this program is an opportunity for kids to select and consume a balance diet. The Smarter Lunchroom applies research-based principles that lead children to make healthy choices when provided with the full spectrum of choice.


Smarter Lunchrooms demonstrate core values including:

  • Low cost/No-Cost Solutions
  • Lunchroom Environment Focus
  • Promotion of healthful eating behaviors
  • Sustainability

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The Smarter Lunchroom Movement is brought to you by the Cornell Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Program and is funded by the USDA ERS/FNS


Why Create A Smarter Lunchroom?

Smarter Lunchrooms use simple, low-cost and no-cost changes to the lunchroom enrivonment to get students to take and eat more healthy foods

Healthier eating is associated with improvements to health, morale and even academics

Greater participation in the National School Lunch Program results in more reimbursable meals and increased revenue for lunchrooms


Helping Your School Wellness Policy!

Looking for ways to improve your wellness policies? The Smarter Lunchroom Movement has many resources and ways to improve your current policy!

SLM in School Wellness Policy .

Center for Nutrition in Schools


UC Davis established the Center for Nutrition in Schools (CNS) in response to the needs of teachers and administrators for nutrition education resources and professional development opportunities. 

Our goal is to provide resources relevant to child nutrition programs, district wellness policies, community partnerships, student education, professional education, and parent education.

We invite you to explore the wide variety of resources available on our site including curriculum, training opportunities, and up-to-date information about nutrition.

Lincoln Lunch Ladies

Lincoln Cafeteria Staff

Terri Thomas, food Service Supervisor at Bret Harte Elementary School in Corcoran Unified School District, provided a Farmer's Market for the students.

Brett harte