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Fashion Revue

State Fashion Revue will be held in-person on May 27, 2023 at UC Davis in Wellman Hall. 

Registration will open in the spring 2023.

2023 State Fashion Revue Category Descriptions

2023 Categories

  • Traditional
  • Consumer Science Purchased, $50.00 Limit
  • Make It With Wool
  • Costume Challenge
  • Softie Challenge
  • Leather Creations
  • Quilts

2023 State Fashion Revue Category Descriptions

Age Divisions (Age as of 12/31/22)

  • Junior, ages 9-10
  • Intermediate, ages 11-13
  • Senior, ages 14-18

2023 Entry Requirements

Each entry must include:

  • Traditional, Consumer Science Purchased, Costume Challenge, Make it with Wool: A full length photo of the member wearing the outfit, head to toe, including shoes. Optional: One or two additional photos of an accessory or something special about the outfit.
  • Softie Challenge, Leather Creations, Quilts: at least one photo of the item.

Additional category submission requirements

  • Consumer Science Purchased - submit photos of receipts

Members may enter up to two categories at 2023 State Fashion Revue.

All outfits must meet the 4-H Dress Guidelines.


  • All 4-H Members
  • Enrollment in Clothing & Textiles and Sewing projects are required for Traditional, Make It With Wool, and Quilt categories only. The other three categories are open to any 4-H member.
  • Traditional, Consumer Science Purchased, $50.00 Limit, and Costume entries must have received County Winner at a County 4-H Fashion Revue or other qualifying event.
  • Only one County Winner from each age division in the Traditional, Consumer Science Purchased, $50.00 Limit, and Costume categories may enter State Fashion Revue.
  • Counties may award one Alternate County Winner for each age division in the Traditional, Consumer Science Purchased, $50.00 Limit, and Costume categories who may enter State Fashion Revue only if the County Winner cannot attend.
  • Make It With Wool, Softie Challenge, Leather Creations, and Quilts categories do not need to qualify at a County 4-H Fashion Revue or other qualifying event.


The information submitted in the registration is printed for the evaluation panel.

During the evaluation, each participant gives a short oral presentation about their entry. Presentations are limited to:

  • 30 seconds for Juniors and Intermediates
  • 1 minute for Seniors

The evaluators will also ask questions and look at the outfits, garments, and/or items. 

The State 4-H Fashion Revue:

  • Provides educational activities for youth who are learning and growing in citizenship, leadership and life skills
  • Inspires appreciation of clothing, textiles, consumer science, and personal development
  • Introduces opportunities to extend youth leadership and communication
  • Promotes self esteem through individual expression

2023 Service Project

Create and donate pillowcases to hospitals, children's hospitals, shelters, or assisted living facilities. All 4-H'ers are encouraged to make fun pillowcases and collect and deliver them in their home counties. Remember to contact the organization to see if they have any requirements or guidelines. Organization options may include:

Please let the SFR committee know how many were made and donated by completing the 2023 SFR Community Service survey.


Resources for County Fashion Revue events

Counties may offer categories at the local level in addition to the State Fashion Revue categories. Only the State Fashion Revue categories will qualify for State Fashion Revue. Counties may allow members to enter more than one category at the local level. If so, each entry must contain different garments, shoes, and accessories. A garment worn in one category may not be entered in a different category.

2023 Scorecards

    2023 Traditional

    2023 Consumer Science Purchased $50 Limit

    2023 Make It With Wool

    2023 Costume Challenge

    2023 Softie

    2023 Leather Creations

    2023 Quilt

Fashion Revue

2018 Past Results:


What is Fashion Revue?

     Fashion Revue encourages members to focus on their personal appearance and sense of style, fashion and consumer buymanship. They will be judged in small groups in the morning and participate in a fashion show in the afternoon.  Participation in the afternoon fashion show is mandatory to receive an award.   The primary purpose of Fashion Revue to is build self-confidence in young people by helping them find the style that suits them best and work on grooming, posture and stage presence. Members may purchase an outfit or sew a garment for the event. The sewn categories may use new fabric or the recycling of an old garment into a new one.  This event is open to all 4-H members.

Judging will be based on the fit and appearance of the garment as well as the presentation of the outfit.  Members will be judged by age division and category.

You may enter more than one category, but you may only be declared a county winner in one.

View 4-H State Fashion Revue Contest Details: http://4h.ucanr.edu/4-H_Events/SFD/SFR/