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Presentation Day

Kings County 4-H Presentation Day (Multi-County including Fresno and Tulare Counties)

March 15, 2021Entry Deadline by 5:00 PM online

March 27, 2021County (Fresno, Kings & Tulare) 4-H Presentation Day

April 1, 2021- Virtual Awards Presentation

To participate live you will need to access Zoom from either a desktop, laptop, ipad or smart phone. Helpful resources available here: Zoom Instructions Summary     ZOOM Meetings Advice for Groups                      

To Enter Kings County 4-H Presentation Day:

Please keep in mind that last minute cancellations and changes in participation create great challenges in room scheduling. 

 Volunteers Needed to Assist with Kings County Presentation Day:

Presentation Day Informational/Educational Materials:

Reference materials for all levels of presentations (local, county, area, state)
Click Here for Latest Version of the  Presentation Day Manual:
Click Here for Matrix Formats: Matrix Page 2021