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New Youth Members

New Youth Members

If your family was enrolled in 4-H at any time during the past 5 years and you are age 5 - 19, your parent or guardian can enroll you into their existing household account that migrated over from the previous 4-H Online system into our new ZSuite system.  Consult the "Adding a New Household Member" video for assistance.

Items to Note:  It is very important, if you are a Returning Family, to not create a new Account.  You will just need to reset your password.  It is important to use the email that was association with your 4-H Online account when requesting the updated password. 

Step #1: Contact 4-H Community Club Leader.

Before you sign up in ZSuite, our online enrollment system, please connect with your county 4-H office to find a club (unit) to join.

Contact your local 4-H Community Club leader to find out about the Club meeting date(s) and projects that will be offered during the current 4-H year.

4-H Clubs in Kings County

Step #2: Complete the online 4-H enrollment application.

Before you sign up in ZSuite, please connect with your local 4-H Community Club Leader.  You need to select a primary club as part of the enrollment process and members must also select at least one project to join.
  1. Go to https://4h.zsuite.org
  2. Click "Sign Up".
  3. Create a Household.
  4. Click "+Household Member" to add individuals to the household. Their birthdate determines their role as a Youth Member or Adult Volunteer.
  5. Complete all enrollment sections.
  6. After all enrollment sections are complete, Click "Submit".

Training materials and videos can be found on the CA 4-H Resource Center Enrollment page.  There are videos for New and Returning Families.

Step #3: Enrollment Fees

California 4-H Enrollment Fees are $67 for youth members and $28 for adult volunteers.

Kings County 4-H youth member and adult volunteer enrollment fees are being paid for by the Kings County 4-H Sponsoring Committee.

Step #4: Enrollment approval.

Enrollment can be approved after the county 4-H office confirms:

Please allow several business days for approval.