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About California 4-H

University of California 4-H Youth Development Program

The University of California 4-H Youth Development Program promotes hands-on, experiential learning for all youth ages 5-19. Our 4-H programs are delivered locally through the county University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) offices:

  • Community clubs
  • 4-H Camps
  • Afterschool clubs and programs
  • Military partnership program
  • Events & conferences

Programs vary by county.  The UCCE offices are managed through the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR). UC ANR has been extending research-based information to community partners, farmers, individuals, collaborators, councils and schools for over 100 years.

4-H offers limitless opportunities for friendship, growth, fun, and development. By engaging youth and adults in meaningful partnerships, 4-H helps young people to reach their full potential as competent, confident, leaders of character who contribute and are connected to their communities.

Youth members and adult volunteers from all backgrounds are welcome.

You'll See Our Clover Everywhere!

4-H is in all counties in California! The official 4-H emblem is a green clover with white H's. The 4-H emblem has a federal mark and federal guidelines on its use.

4-H Emblem

What the 4-H's stand for

HEAD - Problem solving: ability to sort out complex problems.

HEART - Emotional development: developing good attitudes toward work and learning; developing acceptance and appreciation of other people.

HANDS - Skills development: ability to do, skill in doing and habit of doing.

HEALTH - Physical development: understanding and appreciating a growing and changing body.

4-H Motto: “To Make the Best Better.”

We encourage you to discover your passions, adopt a growth mindset, practice self-reflection and set goals.

Enrollment Elligibility

All 4-H youth (ages 5-19) must enroll annually (July 1 through June 30).  Enrollment is conducted by the 4-H Club and County 4-H Office.  Projects offered vary by club from year to year based upon adult volunteer availability.  Enrollment for the 4-H Youth Development Program in Kings County will be conducted using ZSuite, a web-based system used to enroll youth and accept applications for adults in the California 4-H Youth Development Program.

Primary Members (also called Cloverbuds or Mini-members) – Must be 5 years old by December 31 of the program year.  Primary members cannot enroll in large animal projects.  Youth enrolling or turning nine after December 31 must participate as a Primary Member until the end of the program year (June 30). 

4-H Members – Must be 9 years old by December 31 of the program year and  may continue in the program until the end of the calendar year (December 31) in which they become 19 years of age.

4-H Adult Volunteers – An individual must be eighteen (18) years or older to become a 4-H adult volunteer. A 4-H adult volunteer cannot simultaneously be a 4-H member. Chaperone duties may be assigned to 4-H adult volunteers upon approval of the 4-H YDP staff.  A chaperone is a 4-H adult volunteer at least twenty-one (21) years of age. He or she has the responsibility of a delegation of youth at a 4-H YDP event or activity. The event usually lasts more than twenty-four (24) hours with an overnight stay, and often involves travel.

Here are a few little known facts about 4-H:

  • 4-H is geared towards youth between the ages of 9 and 19.
  • 4-H is not expensive - only a $67 per year membership fee. You choose your projects and pay for the supplies.  
  • 4-H projects can be anything you want to learn and do - anything can be a 4-H project.
  • 4-H is the largest youth organization in the United States.
  • 4-H is not just for farm kids or those who want to raise an animal.
  • 4-H has been around for over 100 years and it still going strong.
  • 4-H is part of the University of California Cooperative Extension program.
  • 4-H joins youth and adults together having fun learning leadership, community service and life skills.

See how 4-H can strengthen your family and your community.

4-H is led by volunteer adults who work with youth in their community to learn and do things. Local clubs are formed in your neighborhood led by the adults and youth who live there. We'll help you get started.