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AMS (formerly Arts Machine Shop, est. 1942) is now the premier and sole supplier of highly efficient soil sampling tools.  To assist you in your selection, the following soil auger is recommended as the one I have found best suited for soil sampling and moisture examination in San Joaquin Valley orchard soils:

1. Item # 400.19.  2 3/4" Mud Auger with 5/8" thread. This auger has carbon-steel auger bits with a stainless steel cylinder.  Purchase Item 418.05 if  EPA sampling standards must be met. It has stainless steel auger bits in addition to a stainless steel cylinder.  The open sides greatly facilitate soil removal by hand or by repeatedly tapping the auger on the ground.  REMEMBER:  DO NOT ROTATE THE AUGER ANY MORE THAN THREE TURNS IN MOST SOILS! EXCESSIVE ROTATION COMPACTS THE SOIL IN THE BAIL AND MAKES IT DIFFICULT TO REMOVE!

2. Item # 408.03.  One, four-foot long, 5/8" threaded extension.  This makes it possible to sample to a depth of five feet, since the auger itself is one foot long.  A four-foot Extension also places the handle of the auger at about nose level for individuals six feet tall.  Shorter extensions are available for applications not requiring soil monitoring to a depth of five feet.  ORCHARD SOIL MOISTURE AND ANALYSIS SHOULD BE CHECKED TO A DEPTH OF FIVE FEET!

3. Item #406.04.  One, 18" long, rubber coated cross ("T") handle.  I have not found the need for any other handle type.